In the Swiss city of Zug, from June 1, 2017, an experiment is underway, in which local residents have the opportunity to pay public services with crypto currency . The amount of one-off payments during the testing phase of the innovation was limited to 200 francs. In just two months, the residents of Zugi contributed about forty bitcoins to the treasury of the city, which exceeded all expectations of local government, so the experiment continues. Soon another city, Chiasso, joined Zug, but there the maximum payment was increased to 250 Swiss francs.

The government did not immediately decide to pay government bikkoy services. He was preceded by a lot of consultations with experts in this field and the study of various nuances. Nevertheless, after a number of companies developing blocking technologies expressed their desire to cooperate with the city, the decision to use crypto currency to pay bills was made immediately.

According to the mayor of the city Bruno Arrigoni, in the future Chiasso can become a center for blockade technologies, so it’s foolish to refuse such an opportunity. The Mayor expressed his hope that such innovations and demonstration of openness towards innovation will attract new companies to the city and make it attractive for business.

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