Sphero presented its new development to the public – a tiny Ollie robot that can be controlled by a user using their smartphone.

Previously, Sphero engineers had already produced something similar. This project was similar to the company gadget Sphero 2.0, which is a radio-controlled ball, which can also be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Ollie is the evolution of the old idea, thanks to which the gadget learned to perform much more intricate feints. Not for nothing because he got the name in honor of the popular skate trick, when a skateboarder climbs into the air with his skateboard without using his hands.

Ollie - a tiny racing gadget, controlled from a smartphone

The device can accelerate to a speed of almost 25 kilometers per hour on a relatively flat surface and at the same time perform various tricks, such as rotation, drift, coups. All these tricks the device owner can perform by simply clicking the appropriate button in the official application for your smartphone. To the smartphone, the same Ollie connects via Bluetooth LE, the reach radius can reach about 30 meters.

Ollie - a tiny racing gadget, controlled from a smartphone

The standard equipment of the device includes two rubber tires, which stretch on it from two sides, two plastic caps, user’s manual, and a charging USB cable. If desired, you can purchase additional accessories, including tires with a variety of patterns of protectors, as well as various decorations that allow you to modify the gadget to your taste.

You can pre-order your device now, and its cost is $ 100. For this price you will receive a gadget of white and blue colors, but there is also a limited version of black color, which will cost $ 50 more.

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