“Digital Crown” – the physical control of the new smart watch Apple Watch, which was presented by the Cupertino Corporation along with two new iPhones – promptly raised the question: “What about lefties?” For those who wear a watch on left hand – everything is convenient, but left-handers prefer to wear them on the right. In fact, the solution exists and the problem is not as great as it seemed at first glance.

Watch Apple Watch can be worn on the right hand

The observer of the CNET resource, Amanda Kuser, has provided important explanations on this widely debated issue. The fact is that the clock display can be oriented to be worn on any hand, so no one will have to use an upside down gadget. The strap can also be assembled in such a way that it is convenient for the user, depending on which hand he is going to wear his brand new watch for which they have already presented the first game .

The “digital crown” is located on the upper right, imitating the wheel of the factory of traditional mechanical watches, and it provides a significant part of the device management. If you turn the clock over, the “digital crown” wheel will move down, but it will be on the left edge of the clock. Maybe this is not the most elegant solution, but it is still better than the need to try to get to the “digital crown” located on the back of the palm of your watch.

Find a device that would be convenient for everyone, just impossible. For example, fablets, among which the iPhone 6 Plus took its place. The novelty is compared with the most famous flagships of this category. All of them are good in their own way. But will at least one of them be convenient for those people whose palms are not large?

Did Amanda Kuser offer a convenient solution for lefties?

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