Virtual reality systems have been on sale for quite some time, but all of them usually consist only of a helmet and a pair of controllers with feedback. Therefore, despite the fact that a person sees a good picture around him, his feelings can not be called very realistic. Different developers try to improve the gaming experience of VR-headsets owners, creating various controllers, and even whole suits , but all these additional gadgets are usually far from the release, are limited in capabilities, and are quite expensive. But bHaptics’ TactSuit suit seems to have every chance of becoming a successful device, especially since it’s not so much compared to competitors.

The TactSuit kit consists of a tactile mask, two sleeves and a waistcoat. It is noteworthy that the set contains 87 vibro motors, seven of which are placed in a mask, another 20 are removed in the back and a chest on a waistcoat, another twenty pieces are located in each of the armlets, which means that the game will be very thin set up for such a set of “armor”, and then have fun.

The set is perfectly tailored and well sits, and when the game runs completely without delay. Another undisputed plus is the price of $ 549, but the developers do not sell TactSuit yet, trying first of all to supply their development with game studios, so that the bundle eventually supports as many games as possible. It is not known whether ordinary users will ever be able to buy such a set, but the creators of TactSuit assure that if everything goes well, soon their vests and masks will exactly start appearing in the arcade game halls.

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