A month ago, the company announced that it was creating a new Ataribox game console, details of which appeared yesterday – Atari sent out a press release, which revealed some details about the future novelty. When creating the console, designers decided to play on the nostalgic feelings of the fans, so the body of the new game console somewhat resembles the appearance of the classic game systems of the company.

Ataribox will be available in two versions: with a red-black body and a wood trim. Individual elements, such as a logo and buttons located on the case, will be highlighted.

The console will be equipped with four USB ports, which are likely to be used to transfer the saving and charging of the controllers. In addition, the case has an SD card slot and an HDMI jack for connecting to a TV.

The developers say that the prefix will support both classic games created by the company, and “modern game content.” What exactly is meant by this definition is completely unclear, because, in addition to the appearance of the console and a very vague description, which includes the mention of “modern stuffing,” the press release contains virtually no information.

The company promises to share information about the price, software and stuffing later, referring to the fact that developers want to do everything right, and therefore do not rush, calling on fans and journalists for this.

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