Although at Apple’s presentation about video games for the smart clock of the Cupertino company, nothing was said, everyone realized that this new gadget can not escape. And after just a few hours after the presentation was over, the first game for Apple watches was announced.

It turned out that it will be the port of the already existing game iArm Wrestle Champs , which is a kind of humorous arm wrestling simulator. In the version of the game for mobile platforms Android and iOS, both players clamp the smartphone with the application running on it between hands and begin the arm wrestling match. The results of the fight are entered in the general tournament online table.

Announced the first game for the watch Apple Watch

If you play with a smartphone between the players’ hands, it is not very convenient, then playing with the wrist-worn clock is certainly much more pleasant and practical. So the developers of the game can be fully understood. In addition, they almost do not have to rewrite the source code of the application, just slightly adapting it to the Apple Watch screen. The main game will still be launched on the smartphone with iOS, and on the clock screen will display the necessary minimum information.

In addition to Apple Watch, the game will also be released for all devices based on the Android Wear operating system, so that users of most smartphones from other manufacturers will not be left out.

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